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Fible pronounced ( fib • el ) is a story with an untruth.
Fibles Adventure Series of Children's eBooks

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Tonight it is time to take your young child on a grand adventure!

Author M.R. Everette's Beau Bear: The Fible of the Great Red Forest, delivers an adventurous story in this whimsical journey of two close friends, Beau Bear and his side kick Wheelburro. This is a very entertaining read with quirky characters from the forest, evil villains and a great sense of humor. The illustrations are vibrant and match the story well. I can't wait to see what other adventures the pair will end up in.
Erik Graham ― TopBookReviewers
Beau Bear : The Fible of the Great Red Forest

Beau Bear : The Fible of the Great Red Forest is a children’s adventure story about a little bear who takes a journey to discover his family’s roots and find the place where his grandfather used to live who he had never met. Along the way, Beau Bear and his best friend and traveling companion Wheelburro learn about the curse that that was put on the Great Red Forest and how it became known as the Bare Lands. Beau Bear and Wheelburro become unwitting participants in reversing the curse from the Bare Lands and back into the Great Red Forest.

Beau Bear : The Fible of the Great Red Forest comes with 16 colorful illustrations that visually help narrate the story. Young children and parents alike will enjoy the kind and good-natured Beau Beau as he figures out the mystery of the Great Red Forest, and be entertained by the expressions of his best friend Wheelburro. This adventure story imparts the values of friendship, trust, and the bonds of love. Recommended for children ages 4-6.

Fibles Lessons of Life Series of Children's eBooks
“Aesop’s Fables” are well known and well loved by persons young and old, but are also quite outdated. Though timeless, the Fables needed an addition to these well-loved tales –enter a very different yet equally wonderful book by M.R. Everette. Irene Watson – Reader Views

Fibles is author M.R. Everette’s debut children’s ebook and is a collection of 12 stories with 36 illustrations.The stories are about the untruths that may befall on the adorable characters, and the ensuing outcomes of their actions.

Every story has a small lesson or moral attached to them, and in each story the characters encounter real-life issues. However big or small, the characters learn how to deal with them on the the topics of wanting, creativity, naivety, sharing, plus much more.

The Stories of Fibles
The Erlee Riser
The Heard of Buffalo
The Otter Thing
The Ewe Wee
The Guppible One
The Jungle Bungle
The Shears and Roebuck
The Hoot Done It
The Ellie Fantastic
The Cuckoo Tweet The Art of Pikasso The Cookie Twist
Have fun and read Fibles aloud!

Fibles 2 is the second book in the Fibles series with 12 more short and entertaining stories with 36 new illustrations. The quirky story titles and loveable animal characters interacting with each other in today's world make reading and learning fun.

These twelve new short stories with their loveable animal characters will continue to delight those young and old with their timeless lessons on the topics of truth, helping others, curiosity, hope, caring, plus much more. Have fun and read Fibles 2 aloud!

The Stories of Fibles 2
The Bee Cause The Lemming Aide The Hamster on Rye
The Lope-a-Dope The Will of the Wisp The Tale Gator
The Flicker of Hope The Winter Coati The Melon Collie
The Spend Swift The Copy Cat The Good Salmaritan
Have fun and read Fibles 2 aloud!

Fibles 3 continues story lines and characters from the prior Fibles eBooks with 12 more creative and entertaining stories and 36 new illustrations. The quirky story titles and loveable animal characters interacting with each other are uniquely tailored for today's world.

The multiple illustrations per story help bring the stories to life for the adult reader and the child viewer alike. Fibles 3 touches on the topics of optimism, friendship, manners, perseverance, talking, plus much more. Have fun and read Fibles 3 aloud!

The Stories of Fibles 3
The Opossum Mystic The Quack Lingo The Katydid What
The Fabra Jay The Yakety Zak The Brain Sturgeon
The Etta Kit Fox The Never Moor Hen The Koala Flyer
The Clique Beetle The Yahoo Wahoo The Hugh Manatee
Have fun and read Fibles 3 aloud!
Children are learning machines --- they copy and repeat everything seen and heard. The stories of the Fibles series of Children's eBooks can help shape their decision-making processes, develop sharing and caring attributes, and make it possible for them to know that their smile can affect not only their life, but the lives of others. There is a lot to discover and uncover with your child when you read aloud with them. Have Fun!

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