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Beau Bear

The Fible of the Great Red Forest

In the Bare Lands of the Arigonia, a little bear named Beau Bear stood on a high plateau overlooking miles and miles of dry barren land. The trees had turned to rock and plants reduced to sand for as far as his little eyes could see. Once upon a time a thriving Great Red Forest existed in this place. His grandfather, Red Bear, once lived here. His quest was to learn how the Great Red Forest had come to be such a desolate place.

Standing alongside Beau Bear on the high plateau was his best friend and traveling companion, Wheelburro. Once Beau Bear had spotted Big Bear Valley, he pointed it out to Wheelburro saying,

“That’s where my grandfather Red Bear used to live!”

“I can’t imagine this place ever looking like a forest because it looks so dry and barren,” Wheelburro said.

“I think we should find a place in Big Bear Valley to pitch our tent before the sun goes down,” suggested Beau Bear.

“Sounds like a plan,” replied Wheelburro.

Wheelburro was very strong for his young age. He loaded up the heavy camping gear on his back while Beau Bear began mapping out a trail they could take down to the valley below. As they walked down the long twisting trail, Beau Bear and Wheelburro had to watch out for falling rocks from above and snakes lurking around on the ground. Suddenly without warning, Wheelburro felt an eerie feeling as the hair on his back began to stand up and he abruptly stopped in his tracks.

“What’s wrong?” asked Beau Bear.

“Three vultures are circling overhead. They have been following us since we left the high plateau,” replied Wheelburro.

“I wouldn’t worry about the vultures, because that’s what vultures do,” stated Beau Bear.

“I feel something is not right about those vultures,” murmured Wheelburro.

Beau Bear and Wheelburro continued hiking farther down the trail. The temperature became colder and colder. This seemed very odd to them as the temperature should have become warmer as they neared the valley. However, Beau Bear and Wheelburro shrugged off the cold temperature because they were determined to finish the hike and camp for the night in Big Bear Valley.

After finally arriving in Big Bear Valley, Beau Bear began to search around the desolate valley for a place to pitch their tent. Wheelburro quietly inched up behind Beau Bear and tapped him softly on the shoulder.

“What is it now?” asked Beau Bear.


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The Erlee Riser

Erlee the bird thought he was an early riser, and he couldn’t wait to be the first one in line to eat breakfast at the new WeHop eatery. Starting next Saturday morning, the WeHop would be opening its doors for all the young birds and owls to eat their favorite breakfasts.

Upon hearing the good news about the new breakfast place, the youngsters started tweeting each other about how exciting it would be, seeing the pancakes flipping, hearing the toasters popping, and smelling the bacon sizzling in the air. On the opening Saturday morning, Erlee the bird arrived early for breakfast, but was shocked to see Wisee the wise owl standing first in line.

“I thought owls were late sleepers, because my friend Sleepee the owl says there’s nothing like staying up late at night hooting, and then sleeping in late,” Erlee said to Wisee.

“That’s what everybody thinks of owls,” replied Wisee.

“So how do you get up so early?” asked Erlee.

“That’s a secret you’ll have to figure out, because you’ll have to get up pretty early, Erlee, to beat me in line,” Wisee chuckled.

“Next Saturday morning, I’m going to be the first one in line!” declared Erlee.

After eating his favorite breakfast, Erlee went back home and decided to work on a wake-up routine that he could practice during the week, to see how early he could get up before the next Saturday.

On the first try, Erlee thought it would be easy to have Roscoe the rooster wake him up early by cockling and doodling at the crack of dawn. However, Roscoe never used an alarm clock and kept winging the wake-up time, causing Erlee to get up late.

On the second try, Erlee thought it would be easier to wake up early by getting his own alarm clock, and setting the wake-up time for the crack of dawn. However, Erlee kept hitting the snooze button after the alarm went off, causing him to over-sleep.

On the third try, Erlee thought the easiest way to wake up early was having his mom wake him up before the crack of dawn. However, Erlee kept rolling over and going back to sleep after telling his mom he was awake, and once again, he got up late.

Figuring out a wake-up routine was becoming harder than Erlee originally thought, because he kept tossing and turning all night, thinking about how to get up early.

“I’ve got to come up with something new, because I’m getting bags under my eyes from not getting enough sleep!” said a tired Erlee.

Erlee thought the best thing to do was to get some advice. He decided to hop online between the power poles and chat with some friends about how they get to sleep early.

Dirtee the bird chatted that his favorite thing before bedtime was taking a hot birdbath, and then hopping in his cool pajamas. Slider the eider chatted that his favorite thing during bedtime was sliding under a comforter, and then winding down with a bedtime story. Starla the starling chatted that her favorite thing after bedtime was counting the stars in the night sky, and then falling fast asleep.

After all the electrifying chatter, Erlee went back home to think about all the new things he had heard, and decided to work on a bedtime routine that he could practice the rest of the week to see how early he could get up before next Saturday. When the next Saturday morning arrived at the WeHop, Wisee the wise owl came to take his place as the first one in line for breakfast, but was shocked to see Erlee the bird standing first in line.

“I thought early birds never got up before roosters!” Wisee said to Erlee.

“That’s what everybody thinks of early birds,” replied Erlee.

“So how did you get up earlier than the rooster?” asked Wisee.

“That’s a secret you’ll have to figure out, because you’ll have to get wise, Wisee, to be first in line,” Erlee chuckled.

Erlee was the first one to hop out of the WeHop after eating breakfast, all bright-eyed and feathery-tailed, when he saw his friend Sleepee the owl standing in line, late as usual.

“I can’t believe you were the early riser today!” shouted Sleepee as he rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

“I finally beat Wisee the wise owl in line!” Erlee gleefully declared, while Wisee was following him out of the WeHop.

“So was your secret a great wake-up routine?” asked Sleepee.

“Nope!” said Erlee.

“Was your secret a great bedtime routine?” asked Sleepee.

“Nope!” said Erlee again.

“Well, what was your secret?” demanded Sleepee.

“My secret was putting together a great bedtime routine with a great wake-up routine, because if you don’t get to bed on time, you won’t wake up on time. Now, Wisee the wise owl knows how the early bird gets to eat breakfast first!” said Erlee, the early riser.


Fibles 2

The Bee Cause

Bisbee was a very busy bee, because he believed in bee causes that would make a difference in the lives of other bees. Each and every night before going to bed, Bisbee would jot down a bee list of things to do, place’s to go, and bees to meet.

As Bisbee woke up one morning, he took a big yawn, rubbed the sand from the sandman out of his eyes, and stretched his little wings to begin a beautiful new day. After eating a bowl of his favorite honey-nut cereal, he looked at the things he had jotted down the night before to see what bee causes were on his bee list for the day. His little sister, Phoebe the bee, sat down next to him and asked, “What difference is your bee list going to make today?”

“All I can tell you is that I’m going to surprise some family members today,” replied Bisbee.
The first stop on Bisbee’s bee list was the Honey Bee Farm, which was way out in the countryside. Bisbee hopped on the B&O train to the bee farm to visit his Uncle Gatsbee, the beekeeper, and when he arrived, his uncle asked, “What brings you way out here?”

“I’m here to help you with the beekeeping, so we can speed up the time it takes to do all the collecting, crating, and loading of the honey jars. That way, you’ll have some extra time to deliver a couple of crates of honey jars to the Bee Food Bank, and help keep the poor bees from starving,” replied Bisbee.

“It’s a nice surprise to know you believe in a cause,” smiled Uncle Gatsbee.

After Bisbee loaded up the delivery wagon with a couple of crates of honey jars, Uncle Gatsbee jumped into the driver’s seat to make the delivery run. Then he noticed a group of pesky horseflies pestering Donna the donkey’s tall ears, which were sticking up through her bonnet.

“Those pesky horseflies are going to be a problem, and they will keep the delivery wagon with crates of honey jars from getting to the Bee Food Bank on time to feed the poor bees,” groaned Uncle Gatsbee.

“I’ll take care of the problem for you,” said Bisbee.

Bisbee quietly buzzed up to Donna the donkey’s ear and whispered, “Don’t be afraid, because I have a plan to get rid of those pesky horseflies.”

Bisbee decided to become the bee in her bonnet, and he loudly turned up his buzzer to sound like a big swarm of bees. The sound was so deafening that all the pesky horseflies got horrified and flew away, because they were afraid of being stung.

“Thanks, Bisbee, you’ve been a big help today,” Uncle Gatsbee said as he drove the delivery wagon away.

Bisbee checked his bee list after getting back to town, and the next stop on his bee list was the Senior Bee Community Center. He rode the B-line bus route over to the gated senior community to visit his Aunt Bee, and when he arrived, his aunt asked, “What brings you over here?”

“I’m here to help you with the quilting bee, so we can speed up the time it takes to do all the measuring, sewing, and boxing of the quilts. That way, you’ll have some extra time to send a couple of boxes of quilts to the Bee Hiveless Shelter, and help keep the poor bees from freezing,” replied Bisbee.

“It’s a nice surprise to know you believe in a cause,” beamed Aunt Bee.

After Bisbee stuffed some extra quilts into a couple of boxes, Aunt Bee began taping up the boxes to ship to the shelter, but when she got to the last box, she noticed a group of menacing moths munching on the new quilts.

“Those munching moths are going to be a problem, and they will keep the boxes of quilts from getting to the Bee Hiveless Shelter on time to help keep the poor bees warm,” grumbled Aunt Bee.

“I’ll take care of the problem for you,” said Bisbee.

Bisbee quietly buzzed up to Aunt Bee’s ear and whispered, “Don’t be alarmed, because I have a plan to get rid of those munching moths.”

Bisbee decided to become a B-3 stealth bomber and silently dive-bomb the moths with smelly mothballs. The odor from the smelly mothballs was so strong that all the munching moths got the beezie-weezies and lost their appetite to eat the quilts.

“Thanks, Bisbee, you’ve been a really big help today,” Aunt Bee said as she finished taping up the last box to be sent.

Bisbee began checking off his bee list of the things that he had accomplished so far. That’s when he became aware that there was one more cause that needed to be worked on. He promptly headed back home, and when he arrived, his little sister Phoebe, asked, “What brings you back here?”

“I’m here to help you study for the spelling bee contest, so we can speed up the time it takes for you to read, learn, and spell new words. That way, we’ll have some extra time to be outside tossing the Frisbee disc around, and having some fun together before the beautiful day is over,” replied Bisbee.

“It’s no surprise to me that you believe in causes, but why do you believe your causes will make a difference?” asked Phoebe.

“The difference is that I would rather bee doing something for the greater good, rather than bee doing nothing at all,” said Bisbee, the bee with a cause.


Fibles 3

The Opossum Mystic

Bassie the basset hound was lying down on the front porch of the cabin with her mopey-face between her paws and her droopy ears hanging down on the floor. Then she heard a twig snap as she looked up to see Berry the bear slowly walking by barefooted, his eyes barely open, and he had a disturbed look on his face.

“What brings you out of your den so early?” asked Bassie.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d go for a walk in the woods to ease my mind,” grumbled Berry, who then offered, “Would you like to come along with me and cheer up?”

“Thanks for the offer, but there’s nothing in the woods that could cheer me up,” replied a cynical Bassie.

Berry the bear was still not quite awake when he headed off into the woods, because he forgot to put on his hiking boots and was still barefooted. After walking around in the woods for quite some time looking for berries to pick and eat, he suddenly felt his feet becoming sore and unbearable to walk on. Berry looked around in the woods and finally saw a frog pond close by that he could soak his sore feet in to get some relief.

Berry sat down on a log next to the pond and was just about to lower his sore feet into the water when he noticed Thad the tadpole staring at him with a worried look on his face.

"You look worried that I might squish you with my large feet,” said Berry.

“I’m not worried about your large feet squishing me,” replied Thad.

“What are you worried about?” inquired Berry.

“I’m worried about getting warts when I grow up and become a large frog,” answered Thad.

Out of the blue, a mystical voice from up above said, “One day Thad you’ll become too large for worry, and you’ll become too happy for the presence of trouble to come about.”

“Wow,” replied Thad. “Whoever you are, you just put a smile on my face and I’m no longer a worrywart."

As Thad was smiling and feeling good about his future, he noticed Berry the bear was still holding his bare feet above the water and looked frozen in time, so he asked, “Why do you look afraid to put your bare feet in the water?”

“I’m not afraid to put my bare feet in the water,” replied Berry.

“So what are you afraid of?” asked Thad.

“I’m afraid that bugbears might be underneath my bed, and that’s why I can’t sleep at night,” answered Berry.

Once again, a mystical voice from up above said, “One day Berry you’ll become so strong and fearless that nothing will be able to disturb your peace of mind.”

“Wow,” replied Berry. “Whoever you are, you just put a smile on my face and I’m no longer afraid of bugbears being under my bed.”

Bearing witness to something special, Berry immediately jumped to his bare feet, and stated, “I’ve got to go tell Bassie the basset hound that this frog pond is a mystical place that will put a smile on anyone’s face.”

As Berry returned to Bassie the basset’s front porch, he had a noticeable pep in his step, his eyes were wide-open, and he had a smile on his face.

“What brings you back here?” asked the mopey-faced Bassie.

“You’ve got to come with me into the woods, because there’s a frog pond with a mystical voice who says truths beyond our understanding. This place will put a smile on your face,” urged Berry.

“Like I said, there’s nothing in the woods that could cheer me up,” replied the cynical Bassie.

“Since you have nothing to lose but your mopey-face, I’ll bet I can show you a place that will put a smile on your face,” challenged Berry.

Bassie decided to accept the challenge and the two of them walked deep into the woods until they came upon the frog pond. Berry and Bassie sat down on an old log by the edge of the pond, and waited patiently for a mystical voice to speak. Then one by one, creatures from all over the woods started coming over to the frog pond, and every one of them had a smile on their face. Bassie didn’t know what to think when she saw all the creatures smiling, and that’s when Thad the tadpole swam up to her and asked, “Are you here for a smile too?”

“I was told to sit here and wait for some mystical voice to speak from up above that would give me a smile, but so far nothing is happening and the only thing I see up above is an opossum on a tree branch playing dead,” replied the cynical Bassie.

Suddenly, a mystical voice from up above said, “One day Bassie you’ll wear a cheerful face at all times, and then you will be able to give everyone else you meet a smile too.”

As Bassie listened to the mystical voice from up above, she noticed to her surprise that the opossum on the tree branch was not playing dead after all, but was alive and sitting there with a large smile on his face.

“Wow,” replied a smiling Bassie as she added, “You really are an opossum mystic! You not only gave me a cheerful face, but you give everyone you meet a smile too.”

“Oh, I’m not a mystic at all,” replied the opossum. “I’m just optimistic.”


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