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M.R. Everette is the author and illustrator of the Fibles Series of children's eBooks (the Adventure Series and the Lessons of Life Series). The new Adventure series is based around a kind and good-natured character named Beau Bear and his sensitive best friend and traveling companion Wheelburro. Along the way, Beau Bear and Wheelburro learn about the curse that that was put on the Great Red Forest and how it became known as the Bare Lands. Beau Bear and Wheelburro end up becoming unwitting participants in reversing the curse from the Bare Lands and back into the Great Red Forest.

M.R. Everette is a graduate of Arizona State University’s school of business where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management. After completing his degree, he went on to become a marketing director, web designer, and author.

In addition, he has also created an Indie publishing company called Cookietwist Publishing LLC.

Have fun and read the Fibles Series of eBooks aloud!

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